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Iowa State Auditor

Public Innovations & Efficiencies (PIE)

Help Iowa Save Taxpayer Money!

As Iowa's Taxpayer Watchdog, our duty is not only to ensure the effective and responsible usage of public dollars across the state but also to promote areas where efficiencies and cost-saving practices can be made. Our office's Public Innovations & Efficiencies (PIE) Checklist serves to guide Iowans as well as state and local governments on the steps they can take to save money and promote efficiency. If your team or organization has adopted one or more of these practices, we welcome you to submit your progress using our online submission form. Our office hopes to recognize efforts made to promote public innovations and efficiencies.

PIE is a growing initiative. We recognize that the best work is done on the ground and we want to help promote that. If you have feedback on the current checklist OR would like to provide additional innovations and efficiency recommendations, please submit your feedback using our feedback forms on this page.

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