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Iowa State Auditor

What are the Basic Requirements of an Auditor?

Financial Auditor

  • The educational requirement is simple and straightforward: a degree that qualifies you to sit for the CPA examination with 24 hours of qualified accounting courses. Candidates should also have 150 total semester hours upon graduation.

Performance Auditor

  • The educational requirement is a bachelor’s degree in a field emphasizing analytical skills, research and organization of data in written form. Other desirable qualifications include CPA, CIA, MBA, MPA, or related professional accomplishment.

Beyond the basic educational requirement, all auditors are expected to exhibit a positive, professional demeanor, demonstrate good communication skills and possess the ability to work well with people.

The Auditor’s Office is exempt from the state's merit system administered by the Department of Administrative Services. Therefore, it is not necessary for candidates to complete the certification process that is required for state offices under the merit system.

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