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Iowa State Auditor

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You can contact us using our online contact form or with the following information:

Contact the Office:

It is a requirement of Iowa law that government officials and CPA firms immediately notify the Auditor of State regarding any suspected embezzlement, theft, or other significant financial irregularities within a state or local government entity.

Phone: 515-281-5834
Fax: 515-281-6518

General Office Mailing Address:

Office of Auditor of State
Room 111
State Capitol Building
Des Moines, Iowa 50319

Remittance of Filing Fee or Invoice Payment Address:

Office of Auditor of State
State Capitol Building
Room 111
1007 East Grand Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50319-0001

Email Address for Submitting Electronic PDF Copy of Audit/Exam/AUP Report:



Public Information Officer: Phone Email Address
Sonya Heitshusen 515-744-8755
Chief of Staff: Phone Email Address
John McCormally 515-372-4730


Chief Deputy Auditor of State

Chief Deputy Auditor of State: Phone Email Address
James Cunningham, CPA 515-606-4983

Deputy Auditor of State

Financial Audit Division: Phone Email Address
Brian Brustkern, CPA 515-388-0704
Performance Investigation Division: Phone Email Address
Melissa Finestead, CFE 515-372-4731


Financial Audit Division: Phone Email Address
Pam Bormann, CPA 515-606-4978



Name Phone Email Address
Tiffany Ainger, CPA 515-388-0707
Karen Brustkern, CPA 515-500-7792
Suzanne Dahlstrom, CPA 515-744-8677
Gwen Fangman, CPA 515-606-4580
Lesley Geary, CPA 515-606-4980
Cole Hocker, CPA 515-606-4581
Tammy Hollingsworth, CIA 515-388-0708
Ryan Jelsma, CFE 515-606-4912
Janet Mortvedt, CPA 515-372-4729
Deborah Moser, CPA 515-500-7791
Ryan Pithan, CPA 515-388-0701
Kathy Rupp, CPA 515-500-7863
Jenny Wall, CPA 515-500-7854


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